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Running GitLab 7.9 on Ubuntu 14.04 2015-04-15

A no-nonsense recipe to your on-premise GitLab instance on Ubuntu.

SharePoint Guidance for SharePoint 2013 2013-07-25

Microsoft is taking its time releasing SPG 2013. So I did it myself.

Migrating Managed Metadata to SharePoint 2013 2013-02-28

Upgrading from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 involves more than just detaching and attaching content DBs. Following the official documentation may get you nowhere, though. This short post describes a simple, yet effective, approach.

WSPBuilder's Preflight Check Failed 2012-02-15

Deploying a SharePoint solution on a Windows Server 2008 using WSPBuilder may fail throwing some cryptic errors. This post provides a solution.

The SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard 2010-03-28

The Developer Dashboard available with SharePoint 2010 is a great tool for developers to get valuable insights about internal processes.

SharePoint: Error Accessing Search Settings in SSP 2009-03-22

Accessing the Search Service administration site for the first time might result in an error since there may be no SSL certificate issued for the host configured with the query/index/search role. This post illustrates how to fix the problem.

Customizing application.master Without Breaking Things 2009-02-21

How to create a custom application.master without putting our farm into an unsupported state by incorporating a completely unobtrusive HTTP module.

SPSearchJobDefinition threw an Exception 2008-08-10

An alternative approach to solving the infamous error 80070422.

64 Bit Data Models Explained 2007-11-08

Understanding the LP64 data model and why it is superior to others.

UNIX Socket Programming Made Easy 2005-11-03

Get familiar with basic concepts of socket programming on UNIX focusing on TCP and UDP

Three Useful Solaris Customizations 2004-06-14

Some customizations for Solaris you may find useful.

Priority Queues in C Programmieren 2002-07-22

Praktisches Beispiel einer priorisierten Warteschlange, organisiert nach dem FIFO-Prinzip.